CS186 Projects
Getting Started


This project is worth 8% of your overall grade in the class.
  • Part 1 is due Monday, 10/25/2021 at 11:59PM PDT (GMT-7) and will be worth 20% of your score. Your score will be determined by public tests only.
  • Part 2 is due Friday, 11/5/2021 at 11:59PM PDT (GMT-7) and will be worth the remaining 80% of your score. We'll be running the public tests for Part 2 and all hidden tests for both Part 1 and Part 2 on this submission.
The workload for the project is designed to be completed solo, but this semester we're allowing students to work on this project with a partner if you want to. Your partner does not have to be the same as the one you had for previous assignments. Feel free to search for a partner on this Piazza thread!


You should watch both Transactions & Concurrency lectures before beginning this project.

Additional Resources

Debugging walkthrough video for project 4 can be found here.

Fetching the released code

The GitHub Classroom link for this project is in the Project 4 release post on Piazza. Once your private repo is set up clone the Project 4 skeleton code onto your local machine.

Setting up your local development environment

If you're using IntelliJ you can follow the instructions in Project 0 in to set up your local environment again. Once you have your environment set up you can head to the next section Part 0 and begin working on the assignment.

Adding a partner

Once you've found a partner make sure you fill out the details in the form on the piazza release post. If you want to share code over GitHub you can follow the instructions here.

Debugging Issues with GitHub Classroom

Feel free to skip this section if you don't have any issues with GitHub Classroom. If you are having issues (i.e. the page froze or some error message appeared), first check if you have access to your repo at https://github.com/berkeley-cs186-student/fa21-proj4-username, replacing username with your GitHub username. If you have access to your repo and the starter code is there, then you can proceed as usual.

404 Not Found

If you're getting a 404 not found page when trying to access your repo, make sure you've set up your repo using the GitHub Classroom link in the Project 4 release post on Piazza.
If you don't have access to your repo at all after following these steps, feel free to contact the course staff on Piazza.
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